Would you like to experience a slice of Soviet and Estonian motoring history?

We offer the chance to ride in the iconic GAZ-24 Volga that you see on this website. The car is in immaculate condition and was manufactured in 1981 in the GAZ plant in what was then the sealed Soviet city of Gorky (now the Russian city of Nizihny Novgorod). It is a lovingly maintained vehicle with all of its original detail and design in tact.

Owing to the idosyncratic nature of the car, we offer a cheauffered service, rather than self-drive, and here are our three packages?

The Nostalgiapakett (Nostalgic packet) is for anyone who would like to experience the fun of driving along the roads of Estonia in a genuine icon of Soviet design. We can arrange a drive to nearby places of interest, or perhaps for a summer picnic on the shore of the Baltic sea perfect for sightseeing with a difference.  

The Stiilipeopakett (style party packet) is the ideal way to make a jaw-dropping arrival to a Cold War, Soviet nostaligia, or Classic 70’s or 80’s themed party. If you are planning a special party, or have been invited to one, imagine the impression you will make being dropped at the veune in this fine old Volga -  a car type used by high ranking party officials, ambassadors, police, and even the KGB.

The Pulmapeopakett (wedding packet) is perfect to turn heads at your wedding, or anniversary celebrations. We can work with your wedding planner to decorate the car suitably as well, and we can supply a woman driver for the Levying Pulmapeopaketti.

Prices: the cost of using our car depends on the amount of time you need it for, the distance you intend to travel in it, and also any extras that you may require (like it being decorated for a wedding). We can talk through prices, but as a guide, expect a half a day with a driver to cost from about 2400 Estonian Kroon / 153,39 euros (wedding packet: 4 hours). This includes the car and driver, and fuel.

Details: in general, our car is available between May 1st to October 31st (possibly earlier and later depending on the weather conditions). Of course it gets very cold and and snowy during the Estonian winter. We prefer to be paid by bank transfer, but cash is fine also. The car is based not far from Tallinn and we suggest that a good starting point for your hire is at the Jüri kilometer tax records. As well as the above three packages, feel free to contact us if you have other requirements that we can discuss.

                                                                                                                      Translated by Richard Green